The Paycify Billing service is for merchants who needs to collect periodic payment from customers for services rendered. You need to set up the billing plan, send the link to the plan to your customers or add your customers directly to the plan and Paycify will take care of the rest - collect payment when due and send receipts.


Billing Plans


Add a Billing Plan


Field Description Default Value
Plan Name Suggested plan name NA
Plan Code Autogenerated j
Plan Description Plan description. This is the description customer will see when they receive the request NA
Billing Model This can be Flat or Unit (see below) Flat
Setup fee This is a one off payment that the customer is billed on subscription NA
Free Trial Number of days the customer will enjoy your service before billing 0
Amount Amount to be charged NA
Billing Period Billing Interval : Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Monthly
Periods How many periods will customer will be charged NA
Taxable Is this taxable? If yes, tax is added to each bill False
Auto Renew If true, the service is renewed immediately False

Billing Models:

  • Flat: Same amount is bills every billing period, irrespective of usage

  • Unit: Customer is billed based on usage. In this case, you need to supply the usage units before bills go out. A cut off date and update method will be aligned with merchants

Billing your customer

Once a billing plan is added, you can start billing your customer using the information on the plan.

First of all, you need to extract the billing link from the "Code" Tab as shown below:


You can do one of the following

  1. Send the link to your customers (by e-mail)
  2. Add the link to your web site

The customer can follow the payment process below:

The payment process

Once the customers receives the link by any of the methods above, the customer will be taken to the payment page below.


Field Description Default Value
Phone Number Customers phone number NA
Email Address Customers email address NA
Name on Card Name of customer on the payment card NA
Card Number Payment card number NA
Expiry Date Payment card expiry date NA
CV Code Security code on the back of the card NA