Paycify Invoicing allows any one to send professional invoice from anywhere, any device. Sending an invoice consists of 3 steps

  1. Create Invoice line Items - that is the product or service you offer
  2. Start a new invoice
  3. Add line items, due date and send

Paycify will take care of the rest:

  1. Send an email with the invoice (professionally generated PDF Invoice) to the Customer
  2. Customer can follow the link from the email to make payment directly using acceptable payment card. No registration is required
  3. If Customer does not pay after due date, Paycify will send reminder automatically - helping you to chase the invoice.
  4. You will receive a daily report of paid and outstanding invoices.

Invoice Item

Invoice item represent the unit of Product or Services that you offer. To create an invoice you need to create an invoice item first, following the screen below.


Field Description Default Value
SKU Unique product or service ID NA
Name Product name as it will show on the invoice NA
Description Product or Service description NA
Amount Price per Unit NA
Taxable Is this a taxable product/service False
Tax Rate if taxable, the tax rate in % 0

New Invoice

Once you have entered your invoice items - your product and services, you can create an invoice either from the "New Invoice" menu or by navigating to the Customers list and select the customer to invoice.

From the "New Invoice" menu

Under the "Invoicing" menu, select the "New Invoice" to create a new invoice. Select the customer from the drop down list and click the "Invoice Customer" button.


From the Customer List

Under the "Customers" menu select the "List Customers". Click on the "Invoice" button to create a new invoice for the respective customer.


Sending to Customer

Here is the main invoice screen.


  1. Select the invoice item - product or services
  2. Enter the quantity
  3. Click "Add Invoice" to add the selected item to the invoice
  4. Enter the due date. Note: Paycify Invoicing will send a chasing mail if invoice is not paid by this date.
  5. Select the action button

    Save As Draft - Save the invoice to complete later Send - Send the invoice to the customer. Delete - Remove the Invoice

    Print Invoice - Save as a draft and print the show the voice in PDF for printing.

Customer receives Email

This is what the customer receives with the PDF Invoice attachment. Customer will be redirected to review and make payment


Customer reviews invoice


Customer Pays


Invoice History

Review all the invoices that you have sent and their status. You can resend the invoice if not paid yet